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Age is Never a Limiting Factor

Willamette Valley's Best Physical Therapy

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We Are Being Lied To

  • As we get older our bodies get weak
  • The only route to healing is through inactivity
  • Good patient care is 10 minutes with a PT before being passed off to students or aides.

At Performx we're changing the narrative. We are athletes that understand the importance of staying strong and healthy and the frustrations of struggling to keep up.

After working for years in traditional Physical Therapy practices, dictated by insurance companies, we decided enough is enough. 

Performx Puts You First

We guarantee that if we can't help you, we won't charge you and will help you find someone that can.

We know how scarce and valuable your time is and will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.  

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It's Too Late to Not Do What You Love

Our mission is to help you feel strong, confident and able to keep up with life. 

Let's chat today to make sure you don't miss out on your life, give up the activities you enjoy the most or accept that getting old means slowing down. 

Our Team

Dalton Urrutia Performx

Dalton Urrutia
Founder & Head Physical Therapist

Dalton founded Performx to help athletes better understand their movement, injuries, and body, in order to keep them doing what they love. Dalton has expertise in movement, strength & conditioning and exercise science and believes that education and understanding injury/the body combined with exercise-based rehab is the key to effective rehab.

Having opened a clinic in London and launched a successful virtual physical therapy business, he's excited to be back supporting his local community in the Willamette Valley.

Outside of physical therapy, Dalton is an avid BJJ grappler and loves hiking, snowboarding and exploring the local area with his wife, Sydney, baby boy, Warner, and doodle, Ipa.

Sydney Urrutia Performx

Sydney Urrutia
Co-Owner & Operations Manager

Sydney manages all things behind the scenes at Performx, aiming to keep everything running smoothly. She has helped alongside Dalton across the variety of clinics they have operated around the world. As an active athlete and ex-collegiate soccer player, health, wellness, and fitness have always been a cornerstone priority. 

When not working, Sydney loves to travel, snowboard and find new local haunts with Dalton, Warner, and their pup, Ipa.  

Wolfgang Sports Massage Therapist

Wolfgang Trevino
Sports Massage Therapist

Wolfgang joined Performx to help active adults open up soft tissue restrictions and prevent injury as a Sports Massage Therapist in both Salem and Independence. As a soft tissue specialist he uses a variety of advanced active and passive range of movement techniques, myofascial techniques, cupping, and deep tissue work to really open things up. He can do everything from pinpointed soft tissue work to full-body relaxation massage.

Outside of sports massage, you’ll find him playing soccer, hiking, fishing or kayaking with his pup.

"I wish I had contacted Performx so much earlier! Thank you so much for keeping me training whilst helping me recover."

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Nils Hirani

"Working with Performx has been the best I have received from a physical therapist, and I have worked with quite a few over the years."

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Joss Ayers

"Peformx is the best physio I have come across. Their ability in diagnosing my injuries and offering solutions was second to none."

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Gowthaman Balendra