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Best Warmup for MURPH Challenge

Per request today we're sharing...

The Best MURPH Challenge Warmup 💪🏼

For those of you not in Crossfit, the MURPH Challenge is a workout that consists of a bunch of pull-ups, push ups, air squats, and running.

It's named after an incredible Navy SEAL and on Memorial Day everyone's getting together to do the workout (and compete) at Kiowa Fitness. 

So with Memorial Day a week away and one more Wednesday of MURPH prep workouts, I'd like to share my Perfect MURPH Warmup to loosen up those shoulders, hips and back.

*This is also a great warmup for most full body workouts.*

Best MURPH Challenge Warmup

The reason this is a great warm-up is simple - each of these exercises and stretches put the joint at the end of range and then we ask the muscles to work in that position. This opens things up and prepares your body for movement. 

1. Warm up for Pull Ups - BANDED OVERHEAD EXTENSION 

Banded overhead extensions primes those shoulders for pull-ups and kipping! 

Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.



With all those squats opening up your hips is key. The banded lunge hold is perfect for this. 

Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.


3. Warm Up Push Ups - DEPTH PUSH UP PLUS

The perfect warmup for push ups? Push ups! 

Just kidding... Kind of. These get your shoulders and chest into that good end of range position to be able to knock a ton out! 

One round of 5 to 10. 


And there you have it!

This shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes and will leave you feeling loose and ready to tackle the MURPH Challenge.

Give it a go before your next MURPH Prep Workout and definitely prior to competing on Memorial Day - let us know how it goes! 👊


- Dalton


p.s. For anyone heading over to Kiowa for the MURPH Challenge, we will see you there! Come find us doing free mini massages and injury screens. Plus we will have a pretty sweet challenge with some awesome prizes lined up. 🥇