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Strong as a Mother - Exercises to Reduce Pain & Gain Strength

With Mother's Day just around the corner, today we're focusing on the Moms!

Here are a handful of exercises I find myself sharing most often with the mother's we see at Performx to help reduce pain and gain strength. 

Exercises for Back Pain 

Unfortunately back pain & motherhood often can come hand in hand.

A toddler always attached to your hip, getting up and down off the floor 25x a day to play, constantly bending over to pick up toys, the list goes on...

Here are my two favorites to help relieve back pain symptoms.

Hip Hikes

This one is especially good for the moms that get pain after holding your kiddo on your hip for long periods.

Adductor Bridge

A good all arounder! Back pain is commonly caused from your hamstrings & glutes - this targets both of them alongside your low back. 

Elbow Irritation

Tennis elbow isn't just for tennis players - Mom's are one of the biggest contenders for it! Holding your kids paired with the daily requirements of life can take a toll. This stretch targets your forearm and helps relieve tension.

Shoulder Extension Stretch 

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Good posture commonly flies out the window once a mom starts breastfeeding (it shouldn't, but sometimes that's life). This can quickly lead to neck and shoulder pain.

This exercises combats that constant leaning forward position (also super common with computer work).

Banded Overhead Pull-Down (Apart)

And a little something special for the moms... 💐

It's Sydney's first Mother's Day this year and we're learning what being a mom entails from a whole new perspective!

As a thanks to all of the moms out there, we wanted to offer a 60-minute Mom Massage Gift Card for only $50 (50% off).

Treat yourself or surprise another amazing mom with some well-deserved relaxation. Just be sure to purchase a $50 gift card here by the end of the weekend. (May 12, 2024) (We will make a note that it's for a 50% off massage in our system!)

Wishing you a fantastic weekend - we truly all want to be as strong as a mother! 



P.S. Please share this newsletter with fellow moms who deserve a little TLC!