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Natural Headache Treatments: Relieve Pain & Improve Head Position

Headaches are a common ailment that can significantly impact our daily lives. Often, the root cause of headaches lies in the positioning of the head, leading to stress on the joints and subsequent pain that wraps around the head.

In this blog post, we'll explore three exercises (to be done in a back-to-back series) designed to help alleviate headache pain by improving head position, relieving joint stress, and strengthening supporting neck muscles.

Exercise 1: Open it Up - Neck & Shoulder Stretch


The first exercise focuses on a simple yet effective neck and shoulder stretch designed to reposition the head correctly and alleviate joint stress. To perform this exercise, place your hands behind your head, rotate to one side, take a deep breath, and rotate further. This stretch helps open up the neck, allowing it to find the correct position.

Exercise 2: Mobilize it - Neck Mobilization with Peanut Ball


The second exercise involves the use of a peanut ball on the neck for a soft tissue exercise. This targets the muscles in the upper middle of the upper neck, often responsible for headache pain. A unique aspect of this exercise involves moving your eyes in sync with the soft tissue work. 

Exercise 3. Strengthen it - Neck Bridge


The final exercise, the neck bridge, aims to train and strengthen the deep neck flexors. This exercise, commonly used by grappling athletes to fortify their necks for optimal positioning, is essential for maintaining the corrected head position achieved through the previous exercises. Engaging the deep neck flexors helps provide long-term relief from headaches.

Pill Free Headache Relief

While these exercises are just the tip of the iceberg, they've been the starting point for so many of our patients who have come in with persistent migraines without a "known" cause. Headaches can be truly debilitating and finding a way to stop them for good can feel like an impossible miracle. 

If you're dealing with persistent headaches that seem challenging to resolve, give these exercises a try. The importance of correct head position, neck muscle opening, and targeted strengthening cannot be overstated when it comes to alleviating headache pain.

For a bit more, book in for a free 15-minute injury call. During this call, you can share your specific situation, and our experts will assess whether Performx is the right fit or direct you to the appropriate resources.

Don't let headaches hinder your well-being – take the first step towards natural relief today.